Tom Hurst writes on liberty, free markets, private property rights, government and the Constitution from Nevada, USA
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One can learn a great deal from the various liberty, free-market, property rights and Constitutional government websites that populate the internet. My favorites include some that by any measure are among the very best; most are updated daily, so do visit them frequently:

The Ludwig von Mises Institute - liberty and free market economics explained
Lew Rockwell - anti-state, anti-war, pro-market articles (updated daily)
Harry Browne - master spokesman for liberty
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano - liberty-steeped political commentary
Walter E. Williams - ultra-rational economic and political commentary
The Campaign for Liberty - advocating for liberty and a Constitutional government
The Ron Paul Curriculum - a K-12 home-school curriculum based on liberty and sound economics
The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity - advocating for a peaceful, non-interventionist foreign policy and the protection of civil liberties at home

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Tom Hurst - Defender of liberty, free markets, private property rights, and the Constitution