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COMMON SENSE Volume XIII: The Rural Economy

"We're Mad As Hell, And We're Not Going To Take It Anymore!"

By Rebecca Iocca & Tom Hurst, 2006

Rural life in Nevada is being driven to extinction by the force of big government. The weapons of mass destruction being unleashed on Nevadans are government agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency, and Forest Service. These clearly unconstitutional agencies were created by Republicans and Democrats so that government bureaucrats might dictate rules and manage what are in reality private land and resources in rural Nevada. What's next? Communist-style "5-year Plans"? We all know how well those worked.

The importance of the rural economy can not be emphasized enough. It's the basis of our national economy, and a wonderful example of the creative, efficient and productive power of the individual, private property rights and the free market. Truly, the ranching, mining and farming industries exemplify the benefits of private property and the free market to our entire society. Despite being hampered by government regulations and taxes, they produce far more goods per person than their forefathers did on the same amount of land, all the while protecting their most valuable resource - their land. Imagine what they could do if they weren't hindered by big government.

Of course, it's Republicans and Democrats who have for decades demonized and harmed rural Nevada via their failed socialist policies and programs. Whether it is land-locked towns that have no room to grow, ranchers who are told how to best manage the grazing lands and water they are "allowed" to use, or miners that despite their mineral riches are largely uncompetitive in the world market, the primary barrier to prosperity is federal regulation, taxation and land and resource ownership. Elected officials who believe in liberty and the Constitution - certainly not the Republicans or Democrats - would fight to end this impoverishment of rural Nevadans by immediately introducing legislation to sell all government-owned land and abolish the unnecessary, unconstitutional government agencies that dictate rural life. Only strong private property rights can give citizens the incentive and resources to prosper and live their lives as they see fit. Ranchers would once again control their range and water, miners would once again be competitive, and small towns and businesses would once again develop and prosper. Even conservation is best served by private property, because privately owned land would be better managed precisely because it is owned by people who know that their prosperity depends on being responsible stewards of their land. To continue federal land ownership is to make the citizens impoverished servants of unnecessary, unconstitutional federal agencies such as the BLM, Forest Service, and the EPA.

So, we have two choices: continued impoverishment and harassment via the failed socialist policies of the Republicans and Democrats, or the prosperity and liberty that is a natural result of private property and individual responsibility. Removing the federal government's hold on the rural economy would unleash an era of great prosperity for ranchers, miners, and the residents and business owners in small towns. On this count, Republican and Democrat politicians in Washington have failed miserably. They have never introduced legislation to sell all federal land in Nevada, and the BLM, EPA and Forest Service only get bigger, more powerful and more intrusive every year. If you want to see private ownership of land and resources and the prosperity it will bring to Nevada, you must empower yourselves and guarantee your rights by voting for independent politicians that appreciate the constructive force of private ownership and freedom from unnecessary taxation and regulation and will make them a top priority. Remember, evil flourishes when good people do nothing. Take action by supporting independent candidates who are pro-liberty!

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