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COMMON SENSE Volume VI: They're Drugging Our Children

"We're Mad As Hell, And We're Not Going To Take It Anymore!"

By Rebecca Iocca & Tom Hurst, 2005

The government has taken your money, and now it wants your children. It's true, the Republicans and Democrats have given themselves the right to drug your children without your consent. There's a new law, instigated by President Bush's "New Freedom Commission on Mental Health", which requires every child to undergo mandatory psychological screening and treatment (including drugs). Our public schools and pre-schools will implement this unconstitutional mental health screening of almost 60 million children, their parents, adults who work in schools and pregnant women. The enabling vehicle for the law was the "No Child Left Behind Act". If Republicans and Democrats were honest, the New Freedom Commission's law would be called "No Child Left Un-Drugged"! Sadly, all of our Nevada representatives in Washington and Carson City have repeatedly voted to authorize and fund this law.

This law has many problems. Psychiatric diagnoses of children are totally subjective, and the psychotropic drugs often prescribed for children's typical rambunctious behavior are harmful to developing minds and have been known to cause suicide. Despite this, parents are being forced to drug their children and, believe it or not, charged with child abuse if they refuse to comply.

This very dangerous law is an assault on our liberties. If a child is labeled as "at risk" or "mentally disturbed", they will fall prey to a lifetime of tracking by government agencies, potential employers, credit agencies, insurance companies, etc. Totalitarian societies have used similar laws to paint all opposition to the state as mental illness. Even here, it's not hard to imagine a time when government psychiatrists will stigmatize children whose religious, social or political values don't agree with those of the politically correct state. When the Department of Education standardizes what they think is sound mental health, as they are now doing, we are on very thin ice.

This law is at our door now. The director of the Nevada Division of Mental Health, who is charged with implementing the law, says he "will turn the President's Commission's goals into concrete forward steps in Nevada." Those who understand government realize that individual state programs will over time expand nationwide. Once it has spread throughout the country, it will become mandatory for everyone, not just children. This pattern of incessant, incremental government growth is why we should never trust bureaucratic programs.

Universal mental health screening violates the rights of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. If we allow government to become involved with our children's minds and bodies we will have lost all parental authority. It has no right to interfere in your family's health matters. We know freedom can be maintained only when state power cannot interfere with fundamental freedoms.

We believe that forced mental health screening and drugging simply has no place in a free society. This Republican and Democrat initiative is a blatant intrusion into our Constitutional rights. Remember, evil flourishes when good people do nothing. Take action by supporting independent candidates who are pro-Liberty!

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