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Death by Government: What Are The Odds?

By Tom Hurst, 14 October 2016

Mass shootings in recent years have once again raised the spectre of extreme gun control, now euphemistically called "gun safety", intended to stop "gun violence" (yet another euphemism). And those on the wrong side of the issue - progressives, liberals, and, in Congress, Democrats and many faux-Republicans - are proposing all sorts of gun restrictions which they naively believe will end so-called gun violence; never mind that all criminals totally ignore such laws. For instance, the anti-gun folks think that guns and ammunition should be bought and sold only with government permission, and that only certain people should even be allowed to own guns. And then there are the many specious arguments they use to support their position: they claim that one does not *need* an "assault weapon" with a high capacity magazine to hunt for game (which, in their perverted view, is the reason for our 2nd Amendment right). They also point out that in the time of the Founders the arms meant to be borne by free men were only muzzle-loaded rifles that took perhaps 30 seconds to re-load after each shot fired; good enough for them, good enough for us, they say. So, why do I claim that *all* anti-gun views are incorrect, and that *all* anti-gun legislation is unconstitutional and harmful? Because one only needs to study history and read our Constitution to realize that the 2nd Amendment has but one obvious intent: to allow all citizens to effectively protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

With that in mind, let's look at the odds of various types of "gun violence". First, I would point out that in America about 30,000 people per year are killed by guns. Two thirds of those incidents are suicides (which anti-gun laws will never stop), and most of the rest are gang members killing other gang members (many of them younger than 21, hence they show up as "children" in the politically-correct statistics). So, from the very beginning, if you are not suicidal or a gang member, your odds of being one of the 30,000 are very slim indeed. Further, what are called mass shootings (4+ victims at a time) in America are actually quite rare, killing on average perhaps 80 people per year (out of 325 million of us!) in recent decades. Of course, the mostly-left media always single-mindedly latches onto and sensationalizes these rare incidents in a propagandistic attempt to make everyone think that mass shootings occur every other day in every other town, and that they're carried out using weapons that absolutely no one except the police and military should have access to; they are, in essence, selling fear. And the point is to make people dependent upon and stand in awe of big government as their sole savior; ultimately, they want to make a police state acceptable. But a very important part of the story is missing; read on to see what that is!

Worldwide, the United Nations estimates only 100,000 or so gun violence deaths per year, and knowing the UN's extreme leftist agenda and complete lack of integrity, I'd guess that that number is quite a bit higher than the truth. Nevertheless, even accepting that number as fact, there is a related, but far more shocking, statistic that not one member of the media or the political ruling class will *ever* mention. Indeed, the powers that be - statists all - are scared to death to mention it because it would become the bedrock foundation of an absolutely irrefutable argument that ALL citizens should ALWAYS be armed, and armed with the very best and latest killing equipment. What is that silver bullet of a statistic, you ask? Well, the late Dr. Rudolf J. Rummel (University of Hawaii) rather grimly specialized in academic studies of "democide", defined as when a government, as a purposeful act, policy, process or institution, kills (murders) its own citizens in its never-ending and ever-escalating quest for power and money (see Rummel's book, "Death by Government", and later writings); note that democide does *not* include deaths due to wars or civil wars (which are other issues entirely). Genocide and politicide (killing one's political enemies) are parts of democide, but in all variations the essential element of democide is that government intentionally kills its own citizens - citizens who simply thought or said the wrong things (anything contrary to the State mantra), read the wrong books, had the wrong friends, etc. The shocker is this: the average number of democide victims in the 20th century was, get this, 2,620,000 per year! So, even accepting the United Nations number of 100,000 gun violence deaths per year, on a worldwide basis one's odds of being killed by one's own government are still at least 25x higher than one's odds of being killed by a gun raised in anger or crime. And with such a long history of 2.6 million per year murdered year after year by their own governments, those few killed by a nut in some mass shooting at a school or such is totally inconsequential. Indeed, with about 7.6 billion people on earth, one's odds of being killed by one's government in a given year are one in three thousand or so, while one's odds of being killed in a mass shooting are essentially zero.

Don't think you could ever be a victim of democide? Neither did the 262,000,000 people purposely killed throughout the 20th century by their own governments in China, the USSR, South and Central America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and elsewhere. Indeed, ALL of history tells us not just that democide CAN happen here, but that it WILL happen here. This is because the very nature of all government is to *always* become tyrannical, and, using the tools of propaganda, bureaucracy, the police, and the military, government will always try to take everything you have, including your soul, and, ultimately, your life. Indeed, aside from taking your property without your permission, government's other essential function is to make you do things you don't want to do, and prevent you from doing things that you want to do. Make no mistake, after the taxation and coercion, you will ultimately always be forced to comply under threat at the point of their guns. As Mao Tsetung, one of the largest mass murderers of the 20th century stated (in 1938), "[P]olitical power grows out of the barrel of a gun, and that gun must remain firmly in the hands of the state." Some oblivious, niave, statist drones may find such things hard to believe, but it is simply a fact of life and a de facto law of nature that our own government will almost certainly try to kill us at some point. As Rummel repeatedly noted, power always leads to democide, while freedom always leads to non-democide. I would add to that and remind you that since power is the very essence of government, democide will always be the end game. So, no matter what statist propaganda one hears, always be wary of government, for it is always and without exception pure evil incarnate. And, if you're at all rational, don't give even a passing thought to mass shootings, for aside from being as rare as hen's teeth, they are simply the price of liberty. Indeed, by far the most dangerous thing we face every day of our lives is the possibility that our own government will come after us - using guns, of course - for no reason but that we are sovereign and free. Paradoxically, it was yet another mass murderer, Vladimir Lenin, who had it exactly right when he stated, "Only an armed people can be the real bulwark of popular liberty." And that, readers, is the absolute number one reason that we citizens should have lots and lots of the very best guns and ammunition: to guard ourselves and our property against a tyrannical government of our own making.

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